This document and all other documents attached via reference and/or links set forth the legally binding Terms of Use for all of the Services provided by us. website and its Services are offered by World Wide Couture GmbH+Co.KG, Lessingstr. 51, 53113 Bonn, Germany, represented by Lijon Gopinathan - from here on also referred to as “ WORLD WIDE COUTURE”, “WWC”, “we”, “our” or “us”.

By “Services” or “ World Wide Couture Services” we mean all the applications and features, Content and activities provided by and all it’s affiliated domains, our standalone Marketplace (, Messaging/ Chat and any other features, Content and applications we offer permanently or temporarily.

You may enjoy certain Services of our website as an unregistered visitor. You can also create a registered member account with our platform in order to use the full functionalities of our Services.

The term “user” refers to both registered members (including fashion designers, fashion brands, individuals and buyers) and unregistered visitors (which means if you are simply browsing our website).

The term "seller" refers to designers and fashion brands who are using our B2C Marketplace for selling their fashion items to our users. 

The term “Content” refers to all kind of information posted by users and generated through user activities on our platform, including all kinds of data, text, images, usernames, profile names, graphics, files, audios, videos, or links.

The term “listing” or “posting” means all the Contents published on your website and/or Services by us and/or by users as a result of their activities.

By using the Services provided by WWC, you agree to be legally bound by this Terms of Use. Therefore, we strongly advise users to read this document carefully before starting to use our Services. Please stop using any of our Services immediately, should you not agree with any of our Terms of use.

Our marketplace is a separate standalone platform dedicated to selling exclusively curated designer items to our buyers, as such has its own sets of rules and regulations. Hereby, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions on this page for shopping through our marketplace. 


Changes to Terms and Conditions

WWC keeps the rights to apply any changes to our Terms of Use at all times. All registered users will be notified of such alterations via email and/or via our internal messaging feature. Users have the right to terminate their account if they do not comply with such changes. You agree to such changes if continue using our Services at least for a month after such modifications have been published by us.

What is WORLD WIDE COUTURE is an Internet platform offering the following major Services to its users:

  • A centralized platform for users and fashion enthusiasts seeking unique and exquisite fashion from all over the world
  • A showcase platform for fashion designers and labels from all over the world, where they can showcase their creativity globally and benefit from further national and international exposure of their brand
  • A social network for designers/brands and users to showcase, discover, connect, communicate, promote and to entertain oneself
  • A marketplace venue, enabling fashion designers/ brands and customers to do business directly with each other (This feature will be available soon)


The following requirements must be fulfilled for being eligible to use our Services:

  • You must be at least 14 years of age for our services, except the shopping feature. If proven otherwise, your account will be deleted immediately without warning
  • You must be at least 18 years of age for using the marketplace feature and shopping through our Services. If proven otherwise, your account will be deleted immediately without warning
  • You vouch that the information provided by you is truthful and correct
  • You represent and warrant for the truthfulness of your age and all the registration information submitted by you at all times
  • You agree to comply with all applicable domestic and international laws regarding your online conduct and acceptable Content in using our Services.

Account & Ownership

World Wide Couture role is a venue. Users have complete freedom and responsibility with regards to managing their profiles, using our Services and the Content posted through their profiles- as long as these activities comply with our Terms and Conditions.

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login password as well as keeping your account details up-to-date, including your email address. You take the full responsibility for all activity, liability, loss or damage resulting from your failure to keeping your password confidential. You agree that WWC will not be held liable if such situations arise. You also agree to notify WWC about any unauthorized use of your login credentials or security breach immediately. No user has the right to a particular username, as they are issued in a first-come-first-serve policy by us.

A user may hold only one active account at all times. WWC, at our sole discretion, reserves the right at all times to:

  • Refuse new account requests
  • Temporarily deactivate or permanently delete accounts
  • Deactivate, cancel or remove unconfirmed or inactive accounts
  • Delete any suspicious or fraudulent accounts without prior warnings

Duration and Termination of Agreement

This agreement will be fully applicable from the day and time you have started using WWC Services as a user. You can request for a membership termination of your account anytime by writing a 14 days termination notice to

WWC, at our sole discretion, keep the right to refuse access to our Services and/or terminate your account at any time without any notification, if deemed necessary.

Upon successful termination of the account, all business relationships and licenses between WWC and the user as a part of this agreement shall cease to exist from the time of termination and all the user information and data generated through user action may be removed from our systems irrecoverably.

The cancellation deadline is 14 days from the day the termination notice has been issued by the user.  For successfully terminating the account, the user must complete all pending business and non-business obligations to WWC and its designers (including winding up all open purchase transactions and paying the pending amounts of payments to our designers as a result of shopping through our Marketplace) before submitting a termination notice, denying of which will result the termination notice becoming invalid. We strongly advise all of our users to settle all their pending obligations before they issue the contract termination notice to WWC.

Even after termination of your membership, this agreement shall remain in full effect as long as it is needed by WWC for winding up the termination process.

Services offered by WWC to users

After the successful registration and activation of your user account, you can use our Services to:

  • Discover unique fashion & designer brands from all over the world
  • Use our social networking features to connect and interact with other users, designer and brands and also for entertainment
  • Using our Marketplace shopping feature to buy unique fashion directly from the designers, in which case you agree to comply with our Buying Terms on this page.

Content posted by you

World Wide Couture claims no ownership rights to the Content generated by you. However, you grant World Wide Couture and all its partners the non-exclusive right to use any Content submitted by you to exercise all rights you have on them ( e.g. for our promotional activates or for various screening & monitoring purposes). Without these permissions, World Wide Couture will not be able to provide all or parts of our Services to you.

By submitting Content to World Wide Couture, you confirm that you have the ownership of such Content and/or you have the right to use such Content without violating any third party privacy and intellectual property rights.

Our detailed privacy policies can be found here: WWC Privacy Policies 

Our detailed intellectual property policies can be found here: WWC Intellectual Property Policies

In the event of dispute or complaint by a third party, you acknowledge that you take all the responsibility to deal with such events and also compensate World Wide Couture for any loss caused. In such cases, World Wide Couture reserves the right to remove such Content, temporarily suspend or permanently delete your account without prior warnings.


Infringing and prohibited Content and activities

Please be informed that the responsibility of the information posted and made available to the public by you on our platform lies solely and completely on you. We strongly advise to carefully review the information before posting on our platform. While using our Services, users are prohibited from:

  • Breaching all policies and agreements published on our platform Services.
  • Posting all kinds of sexually explicit and/or sexually abusive Content, products or Services.
  • Conducting or promoting abuse, harassment, threat of all kinds
  • Engage in any kind of illegal activates through our Services
  • Display false or misleading information of any kind
  • Infringing any privacy and intellectual property rights of any third party
  • Create and/or promote any kind of computer viruses or other technological hazards
  • Promoting links to external websites containing information and/or items which are unlawful and/or prohibited by this agreement
  • Listing or selling items through your boutique account, which will cause us to violate any applicable law or violate any of the agreements and policies of our Services
  • Using the information acquired through our Services for any other commercial purposes, except the ones approved by our policies (including collecting username, emails and addresses for all sorts of unsolicited communication)

You acknowledge and agree that if such conducts by you raise any kind of obligations towards WWC and/or a third party, the full responsibilities and consequences of such acts lie completely with you.

We advise you to contact WORLD WIDE COUTURE as soon as possible, should such violations by a user come to your attention.

WORLD WIDE COUTURE reserves the right at all times, in its sole discretion, to conduct the following activities without any prior notice:

  • Review your profile information and track your activities on our Services
  • Deny or refuse any kind of postings
  • Delete or deactivate postings
  • Limit, deactivate or terminate your access to our Services fully or partially


WWC B2C Marketplace

Buying Terms

Our B2C Marketplace ( is a   separate, standalone service catering to the needs of users wishing to buy unique fashion items directly from the designers. Therefore our Marketplace has its own terms and conditions, which is an extension of, but however prioritize over the terms and conditions of our showcase& promotional services offered via

Buyers are subjected to the following terms and conditions for accessing and shopping through our B2C Marketplace.

Please note that we publish the images provided to us by the designers. The colour & clarity of the images on our website will depend on the monitor and display settings of the viewer's device, therefore we can not guarantee that the colour of the actual item will be as accurate as displayed on your device.

As a buying customer you understand, acknowledge and agree, that:

  • World Wide Couture act as a venue to users, who in accordance with this agreement, is willing to buy fashion products within a fixed-price format.
  • As a venue, World Wide Couture is not directly involved in the business transactions between buyers and sellers in any way. As a result, they enter into a direct business relationship with each other.
  • As a buyer, it is your responsibility to comply with the all national and international law and legislation to its full extent related to the purchase of a product.
  • World Wide Couture has no control over the quality, authenticity, intellectual property rights, safety and the authenticity of items listed by a seller. Therefore we are not obliged to review and confirm whether the listed product or content may result in any liability to any third party.
  • World Wide Couture has no control over the ability of the users to sell or buy the items and as a result, we cannot guarantee that a seller or buyer will actually complete a transaction.
  • World Wide Couture cannot guarantee the true identity, authenticity, age and nationality of its users and we advise you to communicate directly with your potential business transaction partners through the tools offered by our platform.
  • World Wide Couture is not in a position to transfer legal ownership of the items between sellers and buyers.
  • World Wide Couture is not liable in any way for the comments you receive from users. However, we keep the right to review, edit and remove the user comments at all times without prior warnings.
  • The sellers have the freedom to select the products they want to sell, set their prices as well as conditions for selling their products and shipping and return policies – we strongly advise all the buyers to review each seller’s conditions in their product description area prior to making your order.
  • As a venue, World Wide Couture is not liable for any additional cost caused by seller or buyer with regards to shipping, returns, tax and customs.
  • As a venue, WWC is not responsible and cannot be held liable for all kind of loss or discomfort experienced as a result of buying through WWC Marketplace. You use the WWC Marketplace service at your own risk.

How to Buy

In general, buyers can place a purchase request for all of the items available for sale. Simply follow the instructions on our website to complete the online order process.

COMMUNICATION IS EVERYTHING! As most of our products are offered on a pre-order basis for made-to-measure production, we strongly advise all the buyers to thoroughly review the product descriptions prior to placing and finalizing your orders. Sellers usually have individual selling conditions and we urge you to contact us anytime, should you have any further questions with regards to a particular item.

Cancelling, Accepting or Denying orders

Buyers can place a purchase order for all creations available for sale. Most of our designers work on a pre-order basis and they start the production of the ordered fashion item on an individual order basis after an order has been confirmed. As such, designers might not be able to produce an item in some cases due to reasons that are out of our control(e.g: out-of-stock of fabrics).Therefore, sellers and World Wide Couture reserve the right deny any purchase orders at all times. In such cases, we will inform you about the unavailability of the product and the amount paid will be transferred back to your account.

After an order has been placed, our service team will contact you and assist you with regards to measurements, custom alterations, and further proceedings. We will also confirm with the designer on the availability of the ordered items. Once we have all the information from you and the designer has accepted your order, we will send you a confirmation email, which will establish the valid order contract between the buyers and sellers. 

Buyers have the right to cancel their orders anytime before our order confirmation email.  

Price & Payments

Sellers have the right to set the selling price for their products and prices are usually inclusive shipping costs.

The payment will be done through PayPal or debit/credit card. You must be a holder of a valid PayPal account or debit/ credit card in order to buy items offered through our services. 

Hereby, you warrant as a buyer that the personal & financial information you provide when placing an order is true, accurate and current in all respects.


Production & Shipping

Each selling designer has the right to set his or her own terms for selling, shipping and returns.

Depending upon the type and complexity of the items ordered, the production and shipping time may vary from 2 weeks up to 4 months. 

In order to avoid future conflicts, we strongly recommend buyers to review the product description carefully and liaise with us beforehand about their individual conditions before finalizing your order.

Sellers are advised to use one of the internationally recognized courier services and always ship your products as insured packages with a valid tracking number.World Wide Couture and its

World Wide Couture and its designers have no liability to the customer for any failure to deliver goods they have ordered or any delay in doing so or for any damage or defect to goods delivered that is caused by any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control.

Taxes & Import Duties

Please note that buyers may be subjected to additional import duties and taxes for their purchase, which become levied once the goods reach the country of destination. As a buyer, hereby you agree and acknowledge that World Wide Couture or its designers have no control over such additional expenses arising as a result of your local customs laws and all such additional expenses must be borne by the buyer.

Returns & Refunds

Buyer satisfaction is the absolute priority of World WideCouture and it’s designers. While we hope that all the purchase transactions will satisfy our users to the maximum, we advise strongly to orient yourselves to the following generic rules and regulations:

  • Orders for custom alterations and made-to-measure production are done exclusively as per the buyer's individual preferences and as such those items are excluded from return or refund policies unless the seller chooses otherwise- this information can be found in the product description area for each item.
  • International customs duties and sales taxes are not refundable.
  • For all standard size items in stock, following policies apply: 
    • Please communicate thoroughly beforehand, so that the selling and buying of products are fully satisfactory for both parties and the returning and refunding can be minimalized as much as possible.
    • Each seller has the freedom to choose their own return and refund policies, which must comply with all the regional and international laws and regulations. Sellers must enter detailed information about your return and refund policies on each product profile.
  • For all returnable items:
    • Buyers must notify World Wide Couture of their intentions to return the Item within 48 hours of delivery.
    • Buyers must return the items within 14 days of the date of delivery.
    • Buyers must return items not worn, used or damaged for a full refund. Please note that new and unused means that there are no marks on the item or any wear on the tags.
    • Any indication of usage of items could result in the seller not accepting your return, in which case the item will be shipped back to the buyer.
    • The item is the buyer’s responsibility until it reaches the seller. 
    • The cost of returning the item to the seller is the buyers’ responsibility.
    • Shoes must be tried on a carpeted surface until the customer is certain they are keeping them.
    • Briefs, swimming costumes, bikini bottoms and intimate apparel should be tried on over clean underwear, without removing the protective adhesive stripe.
    • Items must be returned in their original, undamaged packing and boxes, including any product related documents enclosed as they are considered part of the product.
    • For all successfully returned items, we will credit the amount back to the buyer’s account used to originally purchase the items- less any taxes, import duties or shipping charges incurred - within 30 days.

World Wide Couture Fees

All of the World Wide Couture services are free of cost for buyers.

Please be informed that we keep the right to introduce and/or change fees at all times. We will notify you of all such changes for your consideration in the form of email and/or internal message as well as by changing our Terms and Policies accordingly, denying of which might result in you not being able to use some or all of our services anymore. All such changes will become effective if you continue to use our services for thirty (30) days after the notification.

User Interaction and disputes

In general, can communicate with each other either publically through our commenting features (if available) or privately through our internal messaging service.Users are solely responsible for interacting with other users through our platform Services. We strongly advise you to use common sense in giving out personal information (e.g.: Credit Card details) to other users.

For, users must direct all communication through us. You can contact via telephone or email mentioned in the imprint section of our About Us page. 

You must not use our messaging and interaction Services to:

  • Send unsolicited information to users, such as advertisements, promotions, and request for samples, donations of all kinds or “spam”
  • Spam other users with any kind of requests or information repeatedly
  • Conduct or promote abuse, harassment, threat of all kinds
  • Contact another user to buy or sell an item through transaction methods other than through WWC marketplace.

Word Wide Couture reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor and/or mediate communication and disputes between users.



Our Privacy Policy governs the use of our Services. We will not disclose any of your personal information to third parties without your approval, except stated otherwise in our Privacy Policy.



You hereby acknowledge and agree that:

  • World Wide Couture and its personnel are not liable for any kind of financial or physical or psychological loss and/ or distress caused as a result of using our Services
  • World Wide Couture will not screen the activity of its users regularly. We are not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate Content posted on our Services as well as for all kinds of wrongful conduct done as a result of using our Services
  • The Content posted by our users may contain links to external websites and Services. We do not monitor such external links and will not take any responsibility for the nature and method of Content and Services offered by such links
  • World Wide Couture is not liable for any damages, discomfort or loss caused by any technical failure, interruption or misconduct caused by us or any of our service providers and technical partners as well as the disruption of our Services as a result of various maintenance or upgrade services carried out by us at any time
  • In the occurrence of above-said events, World Wide Couture keeps the right, but has no obligation, to conduct the necessary investigations and implement measures of problem resolution

Exclusion of Warranty and Guarantee

World Wide Couture provide it’s Services “AS-IS” and without any warranty of any sort. In addition, we do not warrant for any specific experience or outcome as a result of using our Services. No information obtained by you through our Services shall warrant anything.

You acknowledge and agree that World Wide Couture does not guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted access to our Services, as they may be interrupted due to numerous factors outside the control of World Wide Couture.



You agree to indemnify and hold World Wide Couture, its subsidiaries, and affiliates, officers, agents, directors, partners and employees harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable legal expenses made by any third party due to or arising out of your violation of this Agreement or the documents it incorporates by reference and/or you breaching of any law or any third party rights.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

All users (including registered users and brands, unregistered visitors, sellers & buyers) and /or their activates are subjected to German law, under exclusion of the UN Sales Convention – Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), in using our services. Mandatory provisions of the law of the user's place of residence remain unaffected. 

Bonn is the place of Jurisdiction for all users and/or their legal representatives for users within and outside Germany, including the users who do not have any jurisdiction in Germany or users whose habitual residence is unknown. Any translations of our terms and conditions shall not be binding. 


The effective official contractual language is English as we are a platform serving designers and buyers from all over the world.

This Agreement operates to the fullest extent permissible by law. If any provision of this Agreement is held void or unenforceable, then such provision will be modified as required for its full effect. All remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.